Madden NFL 21: Madden 22 Franchise Mode preview

Madden NFL 21: Madden 22 Franchise Mode preview

Description: Madden NFL 21’s Franchise mode was one of the main reasons the game received so many bad reviews. It prompted outraged members of the community to as Electronic Arts to fix the Franchise mode via a now famous hashtag. During Madden NFL 21’s life cycle, the developers released several patches aiming at making the game better, with lukewarm reception from the players. Critics and fans are thus waiting to see what EA intends to do with the Franchise mode in Madden 22. In today’s article, we are going to cover the first Gridiron Notes for the next entry in the series.

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Madden NFL 22’s Franchise mode will provide you with new tools to manage your staff. Your coaching team will be composed of 4 members including yourself, each of them managing a different aspect of team management. This expanded roster comes with a new feature in the form of staff points that will allow you to upgrade your staff members’ stats. You earn these points by playing games, meeting selectable gameday goals, and completing scenarios. The coach upgrade system has been replaced with talent trees where you can buy abilities. According to the developers, the game will feature over 60 unique talents, some of them having multiple tiers, for a total of over 95 talents in total.

The game will also feature a new Weekly strategy feature. This feature is taking the community feedback into account. The Weekly Strategy will give you control over your defensive and offensive gameplans for the week. The choices you make here will have some impact on your players’ performance as you will need to find a good balance between practice and rest. There are more options to with than last year but there is an option to auto manage the weekly strategy.

The Season Engine will bring life to your career with new scenarios that can take place at any moment, making each career unique. The season engine will add modular cinematics to the game for a better immersion. The different environments that you can find in the Franchise mode (Press Conference, GM Office, Locker Room) have also been improved. Completing scenarios will give you access to new rewards. Finally, the Franchise Hub will now feature activities, a home tab as well as a league tab and new options.

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