Half Pixel Studios Review

Half Pixel Studios Review

Introduction to Half Pixel Studios

Launched in 2019 by a bunch of enthusiastic, passionate, and skilled developers, Half Pixel Studios is still very young in the market. It is among the newest online casino game providers and is yet to make its mark. In its more than three years of existence, Half Pixel Studios has launched three exciting slots.

In this brief introduction to Half Pixel Studios, we will look at what the gaming studio has accomplished so far and what potential it holds for the future.

Let’s dive right in and find out more about Half Pixel Studios and its games, themes, approach to online casino gaming, and shortcomings.

History of Half Pixel Studios

The history of Half Pixel Studios is still in the making, and there are very few noteworthy things to talk about in the little time that has passed since its launch. The company was founded in Cape Town, South Africa by a group of young and passionate developers. As the company itself says, its goal is to entertain people with its creativity and creations. Half Pixel Studios stand for efficiency, quality, and teamwork. Every game goes through a thorough quality check process to make sure that it is perfect.

Instead of talking about the history of Half Pixel Studios, it would be more productive to speculate about its future. The company was founded by young professionals, which is a great thing given how fast technology is changing. In the future, we can expect Half Pixel Studios to integrate elements from Web 3 in its gameplay. If it manages to do so, it would be the first of its kind. However, it is too early to make such wild predictions. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before Half Pixel Studios enters the mainstream.

That being said, let’s find out more about its games.

Half Pixel Studios Top Games

Choosing the best games from a list of three games makes little sense, so here are the three games from Half Pixel Studios that are currently live:

Retro Galaxy

Atlantis: The Forgotten Kingdom

Golden Elixir

This is everything that Half Pixel Studios has produced until now. However, the quality of these slots shows a lot of promise. Apart from Golden Elixir, the other two games are already live. Golden Elixir will soon be released to a wider audience.

So, as things stand at present, there are only two games from Half Pixel Studios that players can enjoy. However, this is too small a number to say anything conclusive about the company. From what we can say, it would be better to reserve judgment for a time when there are at least a dozen games from Half Pixel Studios.

Half Pixel Studios Notable Awards

It would not be wise to expect awards from a company that was founded three years ago and has two released games and one unreleased title. Half Pixel Studios has neither been nominated for any awards nor won any. It is simply too early for the company to be awarded prizes on a global stage.

More importantly, there’s tremendous competition in the online casino space at this moment. To win an award from IGT or other leading bodies is quite a feat. Expecting the same from Half Pixel Studios so early is not right. However, as far as the game play goes, we can expect Half Pixel Studios to be very popular in the future. A couple of years from now, we can expect to see Half Pixel Studios on the stages of the global award.

Half Pixel Studios Summary

To conclude, we have to admit that there is too little to talk about when it comes to Half Pixel Studios. The company is still in its formative stages and there is nothing noteworthy in its journey yet. However, both the story of the company and the quality of its slots are promising. If it continues to innovate and progress, Half Pixel Studios has the potential to reach the top tier of online casino software providers. For now, all we can do is wait and watch.